The Wytches - Three Mile Ditch

The Wytches - Three Mile Ditch

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12" Vinyl

The Wytches release their third album Three Mile Ditch. The album recorded with Luke Oldfield at Tile House Studios is released on their own label Cable Code Records. The album is an explosive collection of 10 tracks that weaves seamlessly between gut-wobbling monster riffs, swampy rock, slick surf, and finely tuned songcraft. It’s also the result of a band coming back from the brink of collapse.

Whilst the album is bursting at the seams with hard rock screamers, with hooks and riffs so infectious they burrow deep into the brain, there’s also other more nuanced elements at play. Bell’s love of classic songwriting from Bob Dylan to Elliott Smith via Big Star’s Alex Chilton can be heard reverberating throughout the record; the result is a blend between his honed and subtle knack for songcraft and crunchy, eruptive bursts of noise.

A1 Cowboy
A2 Three Mile Ditch
A3 Midnight Ride
A4 Fly Inside
A5 A Love You'll Never Know
B1 Meat Chuck
B2 Everyone's Friend
B3 White Cliffs
B4 Silver Trees
B5 You Looked Happy To Me